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Make informed decisions about your family disputes and minimize your emotional stress with proactive, personalized advice. Brighton Family Lawyers is a top-trusted law firm in Brighton helping you navigate the challenging phases of separation smoothly.

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 If you have an urgent family or divorce matter that needs immediate attention, the solicitors at Brighton Family Lawyers have the experience and skill to handle your family law matter.

We pride ourselves on a high level support and being a valuable resource for clients to access. Our legal advice is straightforward, accurate and easy to understand. Our Brighton lawyers will deal with your legal matter in a speedy manner that meets your time frames and gets you the resolution you are seeking.With over 100 + 5 star reviews from happy clients, you can rest assured that you are in trustworthy hands

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Whether you’re going through a divorce or planning to file for separation, our time-tested family lawyers in Brighton, Australia, have the skills and expertise to protect your interests. 

From representing you in court, handling legal paperwork, and drafting agreements to proving the validity of your claims, we can manage it all to give you peace of mind.

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Child custody management, simplified!

Give your child the care it needs and avoid costly mistakes that weaken your position. We leverage our knowledge of child custody laws to help you gain winning outcomesand reduce ever-increasing stress. 

Often when parents separate, the most difficult problem to resolve is determining how much time a child should spend with each parent.

Settling your property matters

Looking to settle your property disputes without going to court? Want to manage the complexities of debt and superannuation? What about planning for future investments? 

No matter the case, our highly-qualified lawyers can do the heavy lifting to minimize risks and give you greater control over your assets.


Binding financial agreements

Divide your assets by ensuring legal compliance and overcome distribution challenges before they even arise. We take pride in easing your burden by drafting binding financial agreements that give your assets an extra layer of protection. 

A Financial Agreement does not have to be approved by a court. Rather, it is used in order to ensure that a Court cannot interfere with private arrangements made between two consenting individuals.  

Stand up to abuse

Living with a constant fear of domestic violence is terrifying. Our Brighton family lawyers in Australia are trained and expereinced in all matters concerning abuse and family violence. Our aim is to protect your rights and make you feel safe all the time. We’re aware of the ins and outs of legal procedures and go the extra mile to give you the justice you deserve.

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We specialise in serving the local Brighton community here in Melbourne and provide a premium service for our clients. Fast response times, professional lawyers and top end service – our unshakable desire to get you the outcomes you want spills into every service we offer.

AI-Based Solutions

We tap into the potential of AI to conduct extensive research and develop a holistic litigation strategy. This saves time and helps us analyze the results in advance.

Experienced Professionals

We pride ourselves on having accomplished family lawyers who’ve seen and done it all. Our 100s of exceptional reviews testify to our unmatched reputation.


For us, offering cost-efficient solutions is more than a job –it’s a commitment. We leave no stone unturned to save your precious time and resources.

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We believe that breaking up with your better half is nothing short of agonizing. Not being able to manage the aftermath of split not only wreaks havoc on your physical and mental wellbeing but also leaves lasting impacts on your children.